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Let Andrew Hennessey be your guide into the Scottish alien and paranormal heartland. Design your tour to order with our bespoke services


Andrew Hennessey

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Scotland is famously known to be the planets UFO capital.

If you have googled a search for UFO's in Scotland - doubtless you will have found Bonnybridge - but you have probably never heard of Gorebridge as one of the most active UFO environments anywhere.

If you opt for the Gorebridge UFO tour, bring a camera - day or night.

With access to local witnesses and some very busy alien activity in fields and historic sites, Stargate Edinburgh Tours takes you into the Scottish Alien heartland.

With a combination of ancient folklore, local knowledge and recent unique witness testimony and footage we hope to take your expedition beyond the boundaries of the Edinburgh public houses and closes straight to where its all happening in and around Gorebridge.

Visit castles and secret sites in the woods, meet the local witnesses and travel into the window area of UFO activity at Gorebridge. Recent footage shows huge freight containers rising up through the fields which are lit up at night and which have some sort of mist tornado vortex over them by day. We will, of course, remain on public roads of human construction and take trainspotting to the next level.  

We can guide tour parties of most sizes to a unique Scottish paranormal adventure. We know that the famous Scottish weather with its four seasons in one day requires good outdoor clothing and footwear but there will also be an opportunity to sample refreshments of Irn Bru – the famous Scottish soft drink made with iron. Is Irn Bru a tonic against the Djinn ?? Iron is traditionally a protection against the faeries though we haven’t yet tested how much Irn Bru you need to drink not to be harassed by them.       

The locals in Edinburgh still leave old iron nails on the top of faerie hill Calton hill to protect them from the influence …  


In addition - Check out the Anunnaki/Sumerian reptile carving on the old spirit rock in Rosslyn glen, or the shrine to some biblical event near the village of Temple. Hear the stories of the lost Templar treasure and of those who seek it.


The Edinburgh Illuminati tour relates faerie stories both ancient and modern, including links to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, aliens, abductions, Templars, Secret Societies and Intel Agencies, hybrid networks,  ancient underground cities, caverns and tunnels, and you will have an opportunity to hear things about secret Edinburgh that are not featured in other tours.

See the Illuminati monuments of Edinburgh in plain view and hear about the Merovingian conspiracy and the seven hills of Edinburgh.


You will also have an opportunity to see evidence for the incredible magical power sources of the Druids.


Scotland is your Otherworld tour destination.

Whether it happens to be Scotland’s relatively undisturbed ancient geology with tunnel networks under ancient stone circle sites reportedly spanning the length of Europe to Turkey, or the fact that the faeries have had some big deal here since the time of Atlantis – the land of Scotland is truly an ancient realm with strong and obvious links to the otherworld.

In the words of some of its folksongs e.g. Loch Lomond – you take the high road and I’ll take the low road – and I’ll be in Scotland afore ye …’ He arrives in Scotland sooner because he has taken the path through the faerie underworld - the path of the dead.  

Another Scottish folksong talks about the Reptilian shapeshifters the draco who stay under the sea amongst the Scottish western isles … ‘I am a man upon the land I am a selkie in the sea ..’, other songs sing of faerie abduction  of babies whilst gathering blueberries …’
Come with us to see the faerie hill where the Reverend Kirk was abducted and allegedly imprisoned in the 17th Century at Aberfoyle for daring to tell the secrets of the ‘secret commonwealth of elves fauns and faeries.’

Come to St Fillans pool and Priory where Scotland’s most incredible X-files Saint cured the insane and possessed.

Or see Loch Ness at Drumnadrochit, ignore the plastic green Nessies made in the far east and look out at some incredible Jurassic events in the water before the boat propellers start up for the day !! He also has many tales to tell about; colourful characters and grandiose Scottish secret history that you would be unlikely to hear elsewhere.…


Your tour operator Andrew Hennessey has a background in Tesla cosmology and has facilitated disclosure about the top secret American Stargate Program. Also an experienced paranormal scholar, author and witness, he has an extensive image archive to assist with discussions about the reality of these phenomena.